CARI Field Station

CARI Field Station

In 2014 CARI moved to a new facility on Jr. Nicaragua 199 in Puno, with plenty of living, lab, and storage space. The facility is used intensively during the summer months to house students and conduct basic lab work. In the off-season, the facilities are used for more intensive studies of the collections.

The field station promotes not only fieldwork, analysis, and the secure, orderly storage of collections, but the exchange of ideas and expertise among PIs, researchers, and guests. The "Puno house" is a well-known institution whose door is always open to Andean archaeologists, scholars, and students, whether as a base for research or a brief stopping-place on travels through the Andes.

Casa Puno

The physical facility is a large house, including four dormitory-style rooms that can house up to 12 people, a family-style kitchen, and lab and storage space. It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, a 10-minute colectivo ride from downtown Puno.

Lab Facilities, Equipment, Collections

There is a large, bright lab room equipped for basic artifact analysis with tables, balances, microscopes, etc., and storerooms with field equipment, including a flotation machine, shovels, picks, trowels, and screens.

On the ground level is a large and secure storage space for collections. This space serves as a repository for nearly two decades worth of archaeological collections. Students and researchers continue to work with these collections.